About Us

The Story Behind Champions for Kids

Champions for Kids was formed in 2004—the day I received a phone call that changed my life.

It was two weeks prior to Christmas; I received a phone call from a local number I didn't recognize during my morning drive to work. "Hello, Mrs. Schaeffer, you don't know me, but I'm a teacher from Fayetteville High School. We have a young boy who needs a home.”

"We were wondering if you and your husband may be able to help. The schools are closed for Christmas. And this boy doesn't have a home."

Daniel lived alone in an abandoned house. His mother died of cancer. His father was homeless. A team of teachers worked to provide food, clothing, and temporary shelter for Daniel.

We drove to the school that afternoon. When we came into the office, we saw a young man whose belongings fit into a small backpack. He rose from his seat and said, "Hello Mr. and Mrs. Schaeffer in a polite voice. My name is Daniel."

A collage of three different people holding books

Helping Them Thrive

For several years, many phone calls came our way. Champions for Kids started to help many children like Daniel. We knew we needed to provide help for all children. In the early years, we never focused on a single issue or cause. We realized the needs were too complex to focus on a single issue.

Focusing on Solutions

Then, we focused on a solution rather than the problem. Huge problems are solved by inviting caring people to work together. Children matter to everyone, and if asked to help, they will do everything they can. Thus the name, Champions for Kids. We have always known that people are willing to offer up their passion, time, and talents to help children. We are all just waiting for the call. Our core values remain our driving commitment. All children should have someone who cares, a place to belong, hope for tomorrow, and provisions for their journey. All children.