Celebrating 20 Years of Impact: A Heartfelt Journey with Champions for Kids

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In November 2004, Champions for Kids emerged from a life-altering phone call received by Adelaide Schaeffer during her morning drive. Two weeks before Christmas, a teacher urgently sought a home for a young boy named Daniel, who had been living alone in an abandoned house after losing both parents to tragic circumstances.


This marked the commencement of a two-decade-long journey, during which Champions for Kids expanded its reach to assist numerous children facing similar challenges. The organization's foundation was established on the recognition that addressing the multifaceted needs of children requires a commitment to providing help for all.


Shifting from a focus on problems to solutions, Champions for Kids acknowledges collaboration as essential to addressing the intricate needs of children. The organization's core values, centered around caring individuals, a sense of belonging, hope, and provisions for every child's journey, have remained steadfast throughout its 20-year history.


As we celebrate this significant milestone, Champions for Kids is excited to share that we have joined forces with Walmart's Spark Good Program. This collaboration further strengthens our commitment to creating positive impacts on children's lives. Explore our profile on Walmart's Spark Good Program here  to learn more about this exciting partnership.

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The 2nd Annual Holiday Festival on December 14 at the Springdale Holiday Inn Convention Center, an event exclusively for teachers and families associated with the I FINISH STRONG program from fifteen K-8 schools in Northwest Arkansas. It promises an evening of joy, laughter, and family fun.


The Holiday Festival not only brings festive cheer but also serves a greater purpose. In collaboration with partner schools, Champions for Kids has been working to empower students as reading champions through the I Finished STRONG! Reading Champion!™ program. The event will shower participating schools with over 500 Holiday Gift Bags, Christmas trees adorned with gifts, and wagons filled with treats and treasures for teachers.


Champions for Kids also takes pride in its core programs, such as the I Finished STRONG! Reading Champion!™ and "Books, Bears, and Blankets" sponsored by Adventure Subaru. These initiatives provide incentives, resources, and support to help kids finish strong in school and be prepared for success in life.


This summer, Champions for Kids partnered with the Springdale School District to provide the I Finished STRONG! Reading Champion!™ program, celebrating summer reading achievements and inspiring children to cultivate a love for reading. Additionally, the "Books, Bears, and Blankets" initiative, sponsored by Adventure Subaru and other community partners like the Walmart Foundation, continues to provide essential support to homeless youth and those experiencing crisis across the nation.


Join us in celebrating 20 years of impact, reflecting on the journey that started with a single phone call and has grown into a movement dedicated to championing the well-being of children nationwide. We invite you to be a part of this incredible journey as a Champion for Kids, standing beside us to make a difference in the lives of children who need it most. Thank you for being a part of our story and for helping us build a brighter future for every child. Cheers to two decades of making a lasting impact together!