As the festive season approaches, we extend a heartfelt invitation exclusively for our dedicated teachers and their families to join us at this year's highly anticipated Champions for Kids Holiday Festival! The event will take place on December 14 at the Springdale Holiday Inn Convention Center from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

This special evening is crafted to bring joy, laughter, and family fun to those who contribute immensely to the success of our educational initiatives. The invitation is extended to teachers and families associated with the I FINISH STRONG program from the fifteen K-8 schools in Northwest Arkansas, catering to youth from underserved communities.

The Holiday Festival is designed as a casual, family-oriented gathering, offering a delightful array of activities. Join us for Santa and Elf Games, Christmas cookie decorating, crafts, a Reindeer Cookie Bar, and more as we come together to celebrate the holiday spirit.

Beyond the festivities, the Champions for Kids Holiday Festival holds a significant purpose. We have partnered with fifteen K-8 schools throughout the academic year, working collaboratively to provide incentives and rewards that empower students as reading champions. As a token of appreciation, the event will shower these schools with over 500 Holiday Gift Bags, Christmas trees adorned with gifts, and wagons filled with treats and treasures for teachers.

This invitation is not open to the public but is exclusively extended to teachers and families associated with the I FINISH STRONG program from the fifteen participating schools. We recognize and value the vital role you play in the success of our educational endeavors.

Your presence at the Champions for Kids Holiday Festival will contribute to the warmth and joy of the occasion. We look forward to creating wonderful memories together on this special evening.

Warm Blessings,

Adelaide Schaeffer

President of Champions for Kids

Bring Joy, Hope &
Love to Their World

Champions for Kids provides incentives, resources, services and opportunities to help kids FINISH STRONG in school and be prepared for success in life.


I Finished STRONG! Reading Champion!™

One of Champions for Kids core programs is the, I Finished STRONG! Reading Champion!™

Champions for Kids comes along side excellent teachers and helps provide the incentives and rewards that teachers use to inspire and reward kids for their reading achievements.

This summer, Champions for Kids is partnering with the Springdale, Fayetteville, and Rogers School Districts to provide I Finished STRONG! Reading Champion!™  With the generous support of our partners, CFK will provide: Backpacks, t-shirts, awards, certificates, special lunch, games and celebrating summer reading achievements for many Springdale youth. The program continues this fall and next spring in a pilot stage, working closely with school administrators and teachers to measure program impact.

Books, Bears and Blankets: Sponsored by Adventure Subaru

Champions for Kids works with school nurses and counselors to identify and support homeless youth and youth experiencing crisis (evictions, parental incarceration, extreme poverty, food insecurity, home insecurity, etc.) in communities across the nation.

Champions for Kids comes beside trusted school administrators to help meet the needs of children they serve. Adventure Subaru, along with other community partners such as the Walmart Foundation, make it possible for Champions for Kids to provide school counselors with "Books, Bears and Blankets" gift bags and emergency gift cards to provide to children and families experiencing extreme poverty, crisis, and/or homelessness.

Will you be a Champion for Kids and come by our side to help homeless youth in communities across the nation? Thank you in advance for being a Champion for Kids!